Our customers love us

“Rerun is easy to use and a definite time-saver."

Eric Gessner, President


"I have finally found a complete billing solution for my firm that completely integrates with Xero.”

Sabrina Covington, CEO

Covington+ Associates, CPA Inc.

“I love Rerun, it is very easy to use and super reliable.”

Mark Saindon, LMFT

The Couples Counselor

"All credit card transactions are by phone. We only need to enter their information once in Rerun and then anytime they want to pay by credit card, we just enter the amount and process the payment. This has been a convenience for the customers and a great time saver for us. We have a secure place to store the credit card information and takes the burden off of our business. It’s a no brainer using Rerun compared to how we used to use Paypal reoccurring transactions."

Bruce Wilson, Founder

Formations Design Group, LLC

“Rerun makes scheduling recurring payments super easy.”

Austin Ginder, Founder

Anchor Hosting

“With Rerun, we spend less time on billing and more time on developing.”

Chris Trausch, Owner

LunaseaMedia Productions, Inc.

"Rerun's payment streams take the pain and hassle out of our monthly billing and collection cycles."

Joshua Lance, Mng director

Joshua Lance CPA, LLC

"Rerun helps set our company above the competition”

Daniel Buhler, Operations MGR

Oasis Pool Company

"Rerun gives me the freedom to focus on what's important – my customers."

Mike Stephens, Owner

Grand Valley Kenpo Karate

"Rerun is very easy to set up and use. And it integrates with Xero!"

Cindy Hovig, President

Beyond Balanced Books, Inc.

"With Rerun, accounts receivable is now completely in our control. We love it."

Kurt Rathmann, CEO

Scale Factor

"We selected Rerun because of the ease of use and the support that comes with it."

"Rerun automates the manual monthly processing of yesterday giving us the time to focus on what we do best."

Geoffrey Ness, President


"We love Rerun because we spend less time invoicing and we get paid quickly."

Andre Janusz, Roaster

Logan House Coffee Company

"We are so very thankful and relieved for the automation that Rerun has brought to our complex billing process."

Tiffany Allen, Acct Support

Charternet Web Solutions

"Rerun has been incredibly responsive to my company's needs. I would definitely recommend them."

Jamie Yuenger, Founder


"Rerun is perfect for my business, very user friendly and convenient. You put the information in one time and you don't have to worry about it again! The fee is minimal for the service that it's provided!"

Sarah Corey, Owner

Movement for Life Massage, LLC

"The system has helped me save time and energy in operating the club. The synchronization with Xero and automatically creating reoccurring invoices are great."