Why Choose Rerun?

We understand that you have options for your recurring, subscription or membership billing needs. The simple question is: why us?

No Merchant Account and Flat-Fee Pricing

Other companies charge a monthly fee for their service. With Rerun, only pay for what you process.

ACH and Credit Card Processing

If your customer’s payment methods range from all card types to bank transfers, there’s no need to look for two separate processors. Accept all the payment methods you need with Rerun.

Manage Failed Transactions

Received a bad credit card number from your customer? No problem. Rerun allows you to send your customers a customized, secure URL to a hosted Customer Center where they can log in with their email address and a temporary password and update their payment and contact information.

Customize Email Communications and Email Automation

Create customized emails or select email templates from our free template library. And set up email automation to send your emails without having to click a button.

Generate and Export Activity Reports

Need to track your daily, monthly, or annual activity? Rerun allows you to customize and generate a variety of reports for your business needs. Either print them directly from Rerun or export them to Excel for further analysis.

Customized Checkout Process

Rerun’s Checkout feature provides you with an end-to-end, hosted checkout process you can integrate with your website. All your customer’s contact and payment information is put right into your Rerun account. Checkout allows you to customize the fields, header color and logo to match your website’s look and feel.

Create Payment Streams and One-Time Payments

With Rerun, you can create as many subscriptions or, what we call, payment streams as you want, and with any amount of customers. Got one-off charges? No problem – just charge them as you need to with the One-Time Charge option.

Prorate a First Payment

A customer signs up for your services mid-month - no problem. You can prorate a customers first payment when adding them to a payment stream by selecting the “Prorate” button next to their # of Pymts. You’ll be able to edit how much you want to charge them for that first month and the date to run that specific transaction.

Custom Start Dates

Not all customers sign up for products or services on the same day. That’s why Rerun allows you to select a custom start date to begin billing a customer when you add them to a specific payment stream. So if you’re billing weekly on a Monday, and a customer signs up on the Tuesday after, you can choose to start billing that customer the following Monday.

Set to Bill your Customers at a Frequency you Want

Most companies give you a vague amount of options to choose from when trying to decide when to bill your customers. With Rerun, we allow you to bill your customers based on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly schedule. You can also select when to begin charging a specific customer by editing their Stream Start Date when adding them to a payment stream.

Sales Tax and Discounts

Rerun allows you to add in your own tax codes, descriptions and percentages. Operating in a city that requires city tax and state tax to be applied to your sales? We got you covered, with two optional tax code fields. Want to offer your customers a discount? Simply apply the discount % or $ off when adding them to a payment stream, or just go to their customer file and add in the discount at anytime.

Integrations with 3rd Party Accounting Software

We understand that Rerun’s transactions don’t stop there. That’s why Rerun syncs with top accounting software packages like AccountEdge, QuickBooks (Online and Windows) and Xero. Sync your customers, items and sales taxes. Then send your successful Rerun payments to your accounting software of choice.

Operate Anywhere at Anytime

Being a web-based solution means that you can access your Rerun account on any web-enabled computer, tablet or phone. Rerun’s Checkout feature was also designed to be responsive, meaning that as long as your customers have access to the Internet, they can access your checkout process.

No Technology Experience Needed

Unlike these other guys, we don’t require you to have some developer experience or integration knowledge. Rerun is direct and simple to navigate through, so no background in technology is needed to use it. We designed Rerun as a product that we would want: easy to use – and we currently do.

US-based Support and Video Tutorials

At Rerun, we understand that if you have a problem or a question, you want to make sure you get a live person on the other end of that phone call. Rerun offers unlimited support through our customer service center, open from 9:00am to 6:00pm EST Monday through Friday. What happens after hours? You can email us, post in our monitored support forum, or check out our FAQ, knowledge base or video tutorials. Just because 6:00pm comes around doesn’t mean we shut down.

Free Demo Call with a Rerun Representative

Not sure about making the switch to Rerun? No worries. Give us a rundown of your business needs and we’ll tailor the demo call just for you. Sit in a one-on-one web session with one of our knowledgeable representatives, and we’ll show you why we may or may not be the perfect fit for you. We know that this relationship only works if Rerun’s a solid fit for your needs.

Subscription and membership billing made easy.