Two Billing Styles

Rerun offers two payment styles to suit your business needs

Automatic vs. Invoice

Process payments automatically or send out invoices. The choice is yours.

Automatic Payments

Recurring payments are processed automatically on the date(s) and frequency specified.

Add your customers to a payment stream, or let them subscribe from your website, and Rerun will process their payments automatically.

Invoice Billing

Recurring invoices are automatically emailed to customers, who log in to your secure, hosted My Account page to pay open invoices.

Add your customers to a payment stream and choose when and how frequently to invoice.

Payment Streams

Whether you set them up as Automatic or Invoice, all payment streams allow:

  • Credit card and ach payment methods*
  • Credit card surcharges
  • Discounts
  • First, prorated payment
  • Up to two tax codes per customer
  • Configurable start and billing dates
  • Customer accessible my account page
  • Customizable checkout page to link to

Subscription and membership billing made easy.

* US only. Not available with Stripe accounts.