A hosted, customizable checkout process that allows you to easily accept recurring payments from your website.

  1. Create a customizable checkout process within Rerun.
  2. Match the look and feel, then link to your existing website.
  3. Allow your customers to check out directly from your site.

Customers automatically add themselves to your payments streams

When your customers, clients or donors checkout on your webpage, they are automatically added to one of your Rerun payment streams without any effort on your part.

With a little bit of HTML experience, you can generate HTML button code for your website. If clicked, the button will attach your customers to the specific payment stream chosen, then collect their contact and payment information.

Customize Your Checkout Process

Recurring Payments

Allow your customers, clients or donors to select services, plans, packages or items that are relevant to the business.

One-Time Payments

Rerun Checkout allows you to provide your customers or donors the option to pay a one-time payment or donation.

Confirmation Page

Create a ‘Thank You’ page to let your customers know that you appreciate their purchase and/or donation.

Payment Information

Choose which payment method(s) you want to accept, and your customers can checkout using their credit card or bank transfer.


Choose a custom header image and color palette to match your website.

Customer Information

Allow your customers to populate their contact details. Each of these fields can be selected as required or optional.

A Trustwave® certificate ensures a secure Checkout process.

Customer Friendly

Decide which payment streams you want to show up on your Checkout page, change their names and add descriptions to make them customer-friendly. Add a one-time payment to allow your customers to pay you a single, non-recurring payment for a product or service.

Social Media

Decide which social media icons you wish to feature on your Checkout process and link them directly to your company’s social media pages. Adding your social media icons allows your customers the ease of liking or following your pages for product or service support and updates.

Field Customization

You are in complete control of what information is collected from your customers, clients or donors during the Checkout process. Aside from the mandatory email and password fields, you elect which fields to include and how to label them.

Subscription and membership billing made easy.