Made for Recurring Billing

Customizable to your business

Payments made easy

Rerun gives you total control over how you collect payments from your customers, clients, donors or parents. You decide how to configure your payment streams. You decide how and when you want to get paid.

Payment and invoice automation

Create custom payment streams to match the subscriptions or plans you offer. Choose automated or invoicing billing, start date, frequency, number of payments, payment amount and more. Add your customers to your streams and let Rerun handle the rest – it’s that simple.

Accept Credit Cards or ACH (or both)

Let your customers pay for your plan, tuition or subscription via credit card or ACH* making it easier for them to pay (and for you to get paid).

Variable subscription plans

Do you have customers whose pricing changes? No worries. With variable payment streams, you can edit the amount on a per-customer basis each month.


Rerun allows for discounts (% or $) on a per customer basis. So set the standard price for your subscription or plan and deviate by customer, as the need arises.


Selling services and/or products that are taxable? Rerun allows up to two tax codes per customer.

Credit card surcharge

Don’t have the financial flexibility to absorb credit card fees? By adding a surcharge (where allowable by law) - you can pass on those fees to your clients. When you create a payment stream you can elect to include the surcharge percentage, which will appear as a separate line item on the sale.

Learn more about payments.

Minimize declines and expirations

Recurring billing would be much easier if every payment processed successfully, but that’s not reality. Instead, cards will expire and transactions will decline. Rerun’s goal is to automate the handling of those time-consuming exceptions.

Customer Accounts

Each of your customers, clients, donors or parents will have their own, secure My Account page, where they can edit their payment and/or contact information, review their payment history, pay any open invoices, and view their email history. Enabling them to make changes means you don’t have to.

Manage communication

While communicating with your clients via email is critical to the recurring billing process, it’s equally important in building long-term relationships. Control when, how and what you send to your clients, customers, donors or parents.

Branded customizable emails

Know your way around a simple text editor? Create email templates in plain text or HTML. Merge tags pull pertinent information from Rerun for you to place in your emails. Or use our free templates from the Template Library, and then customize them to your needs.

Powerful Automation

Email Automation allows you to automatically send an email template based on a specific trigger event, such as an upcoming payment, a successful or unsuccessful payment, or just to say "thank you".

Activity Reports

Track your payment activity in Rerun, and generate reports with filters, date ranges and configurable columns. All reports are exportable to Excel for further analysis.

Checkout Process Made Easy

Create a hosted, customizable checkout process where your customers can select a payment plan and securely sign up.

Completely Configurable

Customize your checkout process in six easy steps and link to it from your website.

Once a customer signs up for a payment stream, that’s it. Their recurring payments and invoices will automatically process based on the terms of the stream you set up.

Seamless third-party integration

Rerun integrates with critical third-party apps to help drive efficiencies and save you time. Getting the sense we like saving you time?

Accounting Integration

We know that successful Rerun transactions have a life after Rerun. Sync your customers, items, accounts and tax codes with QuickBooks Online, Xero or AccountEdge. But most importantly, send processed payments from Rerun to your accounting software to avoid re-keying data.

Slack Integration

We use Slack. You may use Slack. Integrate with Rerun to send key notifications to your Slack channel of choice.

Learn more about which apps integrate with Rerun.

* US only. Not available with Stripe accounts.