How We Process Payments

No merchant account required

Flat Rate Merchant Account

When we're asked "how am I able to process payments without a merchant account?", our favorite response is: "magic." But in reality, when you sign up for Rerun, you're essentially signing up for a special flat-fee account with our payment processor and decade-long partner, Forte. Our objective with Rerun is always to keep things simple. That applies to the app and it applies to our flat fee model; no monthly fees, no batch fees, no application fees, no downgrades, and no cancellation fees.

Deposit Your Funds

Once you sign up for Rerun, you'll receive payment processing credentials from Forte that need to be plugged into your Rerun account to process payments. These credentials are unique to your account and ensure your payments process and your funds are deposited into your account.

Safe and Secure

Rerun securely communicates with Forte's PCI DSS compliant data center using the tokenization method so that no actual credit card information is stored on Rerun servers. Read more about Rerun's security.

Hassle-free Payment Processing

The bottom line is that Rerun automates your recurring billing, Forte processes the payments on the back-end, and you're free to work on more important aspects of your business.